Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh hai guys ! i haven`t update this blog almost 4 days :) i just came back from melaka and johor . Melaka was a BLAST ! and yes , this is my first time :) I went to the Menara taming sari and mini malaysia . Rumah rumah orang dulu dulu semua cantik cantik and I eat asam pedas kepala ikan merah , woww ! the asam pedas was so yummy! At johor , i go to onyang iris`s house , majlis cukur jambul iris , she was so so debab ! si gemokkk ! ahaks . im so suprised because she wore baju kurung :DD baru tiga bulan kut , hehe . Sorry i can`t upload all the photos , because internet was so `lembab` ! 1 hour for 1 photo! the hell ? haha . But i`ll upload all the photos tomorrow ok ? by the way thanks to abah and mama :D

i guess that`s all for today . Toddles !

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