Thursday, November 26, 2015

brilliant idea

   Hello! This is one of the best moment of the year yeah i mean school holiday! Kind of boring bcs i need to do benda sama je tiap hari but hey, as long as im not in school, its okay!

  So, i have this one cheeky-annoying boy who is my nephew who lovessssss to kacau everyone with his annoying actions but still cute and funny. 

 You know the moment when frozen cartoon being so famous, almost every kid can sing the song, have frozen tshirt, bottle, shoes, towel, plate, pillow, soft toy and even toothpaste. I told ya this kind of phenomenon really test the parents' patience, well eventhough im not their parents im still feel the tense bila diorang nak tengok cerita frozen je 24/7! Ugh kids pls, your aunty wanna watch her k-drama.

 So right after the frozen my nieces and nephew are really into robocar poli! Tapi yang ni tak popular sangat lah. I even memorizes every character and their work and the songs and the mainstream chat such as "amber, tolong saya, emergency emergency!" 


  I bet you dont know them. So, my kak long decided to buy robocar poli's pyjamas for my nieces and nephew. This time mahal lagi baju robocar poli sebab tak famous lagi. They were so happy like reallyy happy they just want to wear that pyjamas every night. Huh! 

 So, balik kampung amir, iris and fatin asik lah pakai baju tu. Malam sabtu amir dah pakai baju tu, so hari ahad siang tu dia takleh pakai baju tu. But then, iris pakai waktu siang. Waktu tu macam pukul 3 petang obviously everyone is sleeping except me, iris and her father, and amir. Three of them had conservation while im just watching from the sofa. 

Abg jang ; Mana baju robocar poli amir? 
Amir ; Adaaaaa. Yungwan beli. 
Abg jang ; Tipu! Kalau ada kenapa amir tak pakai sekarang? 
Amir ; Amir dah pakai malam tadi. Tu yang takleh pakai dah. 
Abg jang ; Mana mana? Tunjuk ah tipu! 

  While im going there to stop him from entering his mom's room, he already being scolded by his mom bcs his younger brother is really sensitive with any sound. Adalah dua tiga kali dia masuk bilik tu cari baju kotor dia. I keep watching him. Im just thinking what this brainy kid wanna do this time. 

Amir ; Tak de lah, pak ngah. Amir dah cari dah tak jumpa. 

My brother keep provoke him, everytime dia keluar bilik my brother said he's liar.

So, kali kelima dia keluar bilik ibu dia, he's holding his mom's phone! 

Dengan happynya dia lari ke abang jang, opened the photos album and showed him a photo of him wearing a robocar poli! 

You go boy! I dont know my feelings that time, i wasnt even thinking about phone doh! How come you come out with that kind of idea little boy. Well, my day was filled by something good that day. But only a minute after that, i heard satu jeritan of amir's mother asking where's her phone LOL 


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