Thursday, March 9, 2017

Much better than me

   Just because this incident really shook my head,  i think i should share it as an eye-opener.  I was in the Kota Kinabalu airport untuk balik semenanjung,  everyone was so in rush, like we arrived airport at 5.30 p.m and our boarding time was at 6.00 p.m and theres one car yang bawa huda and nuha still havent arrive yet.  
  Kalut time tu takyah cerita,  ingatkan waktu pergi dah salah gate siap lari lari kat Klia2 boleh jadi pengajaran kah kah rupanya sama je dekat kkia.  So,  untuk menyempurnakan amalan akhirat ku, moshi and i went around kkia to find a surau to perform our prayers lah. Cari punya cari,  i saw a sexy girl like she was so sexy from my point of view like shes wearing bareback loose tank top, fitness short and basically everything on her doesnt represent herself as a muslimah gitu. 
    She opened a door, and i thought she entered a toilet so i asked moshi untuk pergi ke arah tu bcs selalunya surau and toilet akan diletakkan sebelah-sebelah. Right after i opened the door,  i saw that lady.  And for the second time,  i thought she was there just to take a nap "hm dia nak rehat je kut" bcs dia duduk rehat je at one corner in the surau sebab selalunya orang buat camtu right?  
  Dia ambil wuduk tepi aku.  Dia ambil telekung dan dia solat. I told you, im in total rush so memang laju gila la solat sebab nak kejar boarding time,  right after i took my telekung off my head, i saw her, at the corner of the surau,  masih solat dan sujud.  Lama gila dia sujud, lagi lama dari seorang yang menutup aurat dan yang dah judge dia dari sudut pandangan seorang melayu.  Aku.  Tersentak.  
  I learnt something that day.  Aku baru faham the real meaning "dont judge a book by its cover". I have no rights to judge someone based on their appearance, what they wear because who knows they are more pious, much better than me. Growing up and having two kind of friend, from damansara damai which is so open to everything, and the other one from sesta which is mostly so reserved and menjaga makes me realize that bukan semua orang dibesarkan in dalam surrounding yang sama. Somehow,  I thanked god im entered sesta,  so I know and practice my religion a lot there. Ive read a lot of story/blogpost about how one struggle to wear her hijab till she had a cold war with her family (well, this happened in malaysia and she's muslim), how a free hair girl di maki depan depan just to perform her prayers in public surau.  I know there's must be a reason for someone to do one thing. Can we just hope and doa good things instead of judging?  Well,  i judge people too tapi tak payahlah maki depan depan adoi. Well,  its totally hurt if you're doing something just to please the society not yourself. Last but not least, Happy International Women's Day.  


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