Thursday, March 30, 2017


   Even the picture does not related to the thing that i want to write today,  but hey it contains memories. I took that picture when i was at Pulau Manukan,  Sabah.  The laughter while riding the parasailing, kabutness because of bag masuk air phone semua habis,  rasa pening nak muntah sebab mabuk stay in my mind. 
  My ketua umum just entered university yesterday and im shook,  i still can't believe that im not in high school anymore, I CANT BELIEVE IT MAN. Everytime my friends showed me their UPU choices,  somehow it saddens me because it made me realize that we are going to take our own life path after this.  Different course,  different university and even different county.  You dont know how much stronger my batch is after several fight and cold war we had antara gang (im talking about the girls idk bout the boys 😂). We still help each other on filling the scholarship form,  applying this applying that like we used before waktu tolong each other on doing homework.  I miss that moment seriously but i hate school,  enough said 😂
  Girls or i can call it ladies are being so kepochi day by day,  every night we come out with super serious topic about future life,  hantaran kahwin,  driving experiences and working life. My friends and i are currently working to earn some pocket money gais omg i still cant imagine it though, vyp kerja dobi, pah kerja koop,  mira kerja kedai kasut. My girls are growing up.  For real. What are the topic that we are going to discuss in ten years from now? Im very excited and looking forward to it! 

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