Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 2 : #spirigrosurfsabah

    So, back on day 2! They woke me up literally in 5 am and thats freaking awal to solat subuh yet i forgot we were in Sabah where the sun rises so early. And i  got a phone call from a cheeky bising birthday girl, "Awak semua nak pergi dah ke? Saya nak datang ni? Awak tingkat berapa yada yada yada" Where basically takdir menentukan hotel dia sebelah apartment kami je. Fitri datang buat riuh pepagi, makan breakfast kami yang pelik and we were off to Kundasang!

Abang Farid (our driver-tour guide-abang) already waited for us at the parking lot and the journey began! 

We stopped at Rumah Terbalik on the way to Kundasang. The ticket costs us RM 10 per person that made all of us had a little discussion at the counter either it is worth or not to purchase it. Like u only get to see everything in terbalik way je kan? Why so pricy? But then, "chill la enjoy je, bila je kita nak datang sini lagi, this is all about experience!" Oh not to forget, no camera allowed in the house. 
group photo everywhere,everytime 
Rumah terbalik is basically semua benda terbalik. All of the workers here dressed up in batik and pelikat, they looks so cute in that (why are you guys not making us in batik also?!), jenuh dia terang adat kaum bidayuh and stuffs, we played our part as a tourist really well that we woahhhhhhhh and haaaaa to everything she explained. Jakun. Benda terbalik je pun bukan main jerit excited masuk bilik tu.Then, science student act like one, everyone came out with a science fact kalau letak aircond dekat bawah takde function blabla ya frenz ya all da great

not joining them bcs i cant brain what theyre trying to do
All along the way to Kundasang, i slept happily bcs i can muntah on the spot sebab jalan seperti ular dipalu. But then they wake me up by their singing, so-called roadtrip blergh but then SUBHANALLAH, the views were really great and mesmerizing. I shake my head in disbelief of what ive done in my 17 years of life for having a chance witnessing this kind of scenery with my fav ppl beside me. Aina sofiah was crying for the first time she saw Gunung Kinabalu, such a hard-headed with a soft heart that girl. 
munaisyuhuda in a photo yay 
We stopped at Pekan Nabalu, to snap some photos and shoppinggggggg (this is me and muna's fav part). The weather was so chill, it is so windy thanks for making my photo even greater with a flip tudung style (i cant find that flip tudung picture urgh!)
thanks for moshi for lending me your sunglasses bcs this one is too big for her(i think) 
    In that pekan kecil also got a rumah panjang consists of variety kedai cenderamata! I shopped like crazy that i stopped at every kedai, berkenan at the cliche seluar gobos, wanting that sabah-style shirt, even i considered to buy a pareo for aesthetically purpose at the beach (thank god im not buying, if not i will curse muna for years for making me regret spending my money for stupid stuff). We still cant get how Huda and Nuha can lepak at kedai makan while waiting us shopping bcs they said got nothing interesting to buy?! While Aisyah was trying so hard persuade makcik penjual for a discount on her rm 50 palazo, Moshi was calculating her budget so that she can buy tshirt for her siblings, muna dengan aku takyah cerita la. I personally prefer to buy souvy at here instead of pasar filipina bcs its way much cheaper and takde orang. Tapi kerepek semua baik beli dekat bawah. 
friendly-reminder : dont shop with muna 
Then, we off to Kinabalu Park. Nothing special here but tempat permulaan untuk orang yang nak daki Gunung Kinabalu, and you can see people with hiking stuffs and huge backpack nak daki ok goodluck. Well, we were so amazed when abang farid told us that he already hiked that Gunung Kinabalu for 7 times! #teamabangfarid 
Behave sket Huda
Next stop is Desa Dairy Farm!!!!!! So much excited bcs we're going to see the holy cows, theyre so big never thought of it seriously. We got to see lembu perah susu, feed the calves (omg so cute i forgot to upload the pic cant find it), seriously it can habiskan RM 1.50 worth of milk in just one gulp! Bagila chance tangkap gambar buat video lama lama sket. 
Padan muka nuha tak nampak badan. 

the yummiest gelato ive ever tasted! 
So tired, we need a rest! Luckily, abang farid was like abang kawasan here so he knows where our chalet located. Sumpah, kawasan ni adalah kawasan paling tinggi and sangat jauh dengan pekan kundasang and it has their own pekan dekat atas ni. So, imagine how cool it is during the night.... It was so hard to find a stay yang boleh muat 10 people at times, yang affordable and placed at strategic location. Mostly semua harga rm 450++. Out of budget la, then after browse several opinions from mak nuha (love you aunty), Kiram Village was the one! Friendly staff, super easy to communicate and RM 230 per night! Ok onz.
Our cute chalet *insert love emoji*
The hall
Where we spent the whole night watching our times but sorey Aisyah, i cant concentrate bcs one of the actor looks like our senior and i keep commenting the story line that at last i got yelled by muna for being annoying. I cried the whole night. Kidding. 

I still remember how team memasak (aisyah, wani, aina sofiah and nuha) struggling cook for us for dinner and  breakfast. All the laughters we had at the meja makan, oh lupa aku dengan huda makan depan tv. We stayed in the house without going out at all that night bcs abang farid keep remind us that "abang dapat rasa tempat ni tak berapa elok" "jangan gelak, happy sangat ye malam ni" "jaga pertuturan ye" "abang rasa tempat ni tak berapa baik la" waktu kami tengah jalan jalan dekat taman bunga waktu petang tu. He keeps on reminding us that finally, he slept in the van and park it infront of our chalet bcs he felt so worried :( God bless abang farid for being so kind!!!!!!!!

I slept at the upper floor with Ecah, Moshi and Aina Sofiah (she had a bed all herself do) then tiba tiba terjaga, damn it baru pukul 3. I cursed a lot that sumpah waktu tu teringat apa abang farid cakap je, and at the same time my curses were all special for moshi sebab himpit aku dengan ecah! Ey geram. Ok syu lek go back to sleep, no man no, i had the whole damn zoo in my stomach (literally bcs im scared). Stomach-ache at 3 am in Kundasang at 8'C. I cant take this joke. Siapa pulak nak teman aku turun bawah since the toilet dekat atas was not functioning?! Thank god, I saw Aina just checked her phone, and i was like "Ainaaaaa teman aku aina, aku sakit perut sangat" Then, i decided to not close the toilet door bcs im freaking scared. I decided to sleep with Aina instead of Ecah and Moshi bcs they left me sumpah space kecik yang macam aku ni size UK 2! 

I actually cant sleep jugak after that. I decided to watch cupcake aisyah's video dan tertidur tanpa sedar.

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