Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 4 : #spirigrosurfsabah

                                                       THE MOST AWAITED DAY!!!
  As usual, Abang Farid already waited for us at the car park and we still kabut tak siap lagi. Had our breakfast, tapau some foods, and here we go! Mak Nuha and boss Abang Farid already arranged our island trip for today so, right after we arrived the jetty, theres already a cute uncle wait for us with a boat! Leggo, Manukan Island. 
My girls
So clear!
The view was so great kan?! Subhanallah 
Huda & Ecah
Pulau Manukan punya condition and views in the water okay okay je, tak lawa and susah sket nak jumpa ikan bcs maybe ramai sangat orang. 

Snorkled for about an hour and half, and that beach boy called us for parasailing!!!!!! While waiting for our turn, we met a cute boy that sit the next row from us in the flight! Yea, you gonna meet the same person again and again. 
Pls la focus dekat muka takut ecah.
This ride costs us RM 180/per 2 person but that cute uncle gave a discount..... 
"Kalau ramai naik saya bagi discount" 
"Ye, kami semua nak naik" 
"Okay, saya bagi rm 150 lah"
"Uncle, saya malas la nak cari 5 ringgit, bagi rm 70 je la sorang" 
"Ha okay la boleh boleh" 
Ended up when we arrived the island, they dont even remember the price pon -.-

This ride lasts for 3 - 6 minutes if im not mistaken. Dia akan bawa bot laju gila, so that you will fly tinggi gila then jatuhkan korang dalam air and it repeats for 3 times camtu. Sumpah, best gila! Worth the money! 
   Then, we went to Pulau Sapi. We shared a table with a super-friendly japanese couple. Ecah showed her skills by introducing her name, asked permission to go to the toilet in japan language (sebab dia kata dia selalu pergi tandas waktu kelas jepun) ((sensei Tajul should be proud of her)), they showed us their pictures travelling other countries and shared their experiences on how they loved Malaysia that it was the third time they came here. Baik uncle, aunty jujur je sebab Malaysia murah en. 
View from my place

     Dekat Sapi, air dia tak dalam sangat, boleh cecah kaki so the tall girls decided to not to wear their safety jacket. Aku taknak pakai sebab pening. Seriously, pening gila. I think i have mabuk laut or whatever that makes me can't even stay longer than 30 minutes in the water. So, akak jaga beg jela kat atas. For me its crazy they can stay and play in the water for 2 hours. Tak pening ke siot. 
cheeky aina!
Me & Nuha
My two bam bam 
Goodbye and thank you for the memories! 
Before naik apartment, me and nuha went to the nearest shopping mall to withdraw some money and bought a bingsu! 

Tempat makan viral gerai kuning. 
We walked for 20 minutes to get here and had our delicious, tempting seafood-based dinner at this gerai. Me and Muna even ordered extra chili crab (excuse us, pelahap tiada tandingan).

Went for a souvenier survey at Pasar Filipina and lepak at starbucks while waiting everyone. Starbucks dekat Sabah tutup pukul 11 ya. Yes, 11 pm. 

and the next day was my birthday!

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