Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 5 : #spirigrosurfsabah


   I woke up with a lot of balloons at the hall, but none of them excited as i am. They even asked me to blow the balloons together because they're out of "angin" already. Girls, please, this was my day okay. 
pardon my sepet-restless-excited face
    As in the planning, we wanted to swim and celebrate my birthday at the pool but due to our packed activities last few days and all of us literally died during the last night, none of us woke up at 8 am. Mostly, at 9 am and me at 10 am. Had only few hours before check out, and we were freaking hungry, Moshi, Aina and Wani went to Mcd to buy some breakfast. Had our last breakfast together and enjoying last hours together. Its the little things that matters. 
   Everyone was getting ready, packed everything, and im being the responsible person of this house rechecked everything so that nothing left behind, no trash, towels were on same quantity when we check in, you knowwwwwwww just doing my job and right after i opened the master bedroom, i heard someone screamed "shitttttttttt!" and i've found this, and they weren't ready yet. I LAUGHED SO HARD. 
     They cursed me and asking me again and again why did i opened the door without knocking it first. You know, this kind of surprise should ended with a birthday girl bursts into tears. Plot twist for me, i laughed till i cried. Eventhough i got a lot of "sakaila ko ni" "bodo spoiler" "bangang tak sabar", i felt so so so so appreciated, i never felt more blessed than this. A big thank you for your efforts (when did they bought the balloons and kitkat when im with them all the time?!) , money (kitkat costs double at sabah seriously) and love. 
18. Tak kena tahan dengan uncle imigresen dah. 
    Check out, and head to Pasar Filipina to buy some kerepeks, biskut gary (im a big fan of this! menyesal beli sikit jer), and so cliche mutiara. The thing that I love about Sabah is the people, they were so nice and put so much efforts on finding the right angle when we asked to snap our pictures, friendly nak mampos andddddd kind-hearted person. One of the makcik kerepek at Pasar Filipina  asked me, where did i bought the rest of kerepeks yang dia nak bungkus sekali tu, i told her i bought it at Kundasang and she replied "Mahal kan kat atas?" and ive thought that she gonna bad mouthing the seller at Kundasang but then she said "Tapi, itu memang sudah rezeki dia menjual di atas sana kan". Im speechless and touched. 
Really wanted this but this is the real pearl whatsoever and its pricy, so jalan :(
Bought the whole box lol 

   Hujan selebat-lebatnya turun and it was hard for us to call for uber, everything was so messed up. Bag dekat apartment lobby tak ambil lagi. Then, after got into uber, trafic jammed and its already 5 pm and our boarding time was at 6 pm. So kabut, ran again in the airport (ergh ingatkan waktu pergi dah lari, waktu balik takyah) and thank god, flight delayed due to bad weather. 

And, we had fun in the flight. Ecah is still looking and waiting for her "abang" till now. 

   To many more adventurous (my friends are so demanding and drama queen, so no) exciting, interesting places to go. Surf the world next.

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