Sunday, May 7, 2017

dear diary

2012-2016 diaries
     Im an emotional girl. For me, everything exists in this world has their own sentimental value. Experiences (another word of sad/bad memories) and good moments should be stated bcs mannnnn, im so forgetful. I can forget names easily. It is so bad that i can't memorized 70% of batchmates during primary school. Kismis dua balang pls. 

     So, right after i entered sesta in 2012, i promised myself, whatever happened in your life i need to tell my diary hows my life going on even the bad one (lol mostly the bad ones la banyak sebab nak lepas geram).These diaries were my bestest friend during high school. They witnessing how far ive changed, my ups and downs, my excitement over getting notes from my crush, all the movies ticket/receipt during outing, my hard work in learning addmath and chemistry, my enjoyable netball life and my homesick-ness. 

    I neverrrrr let anyone to read my diary (except for ustazah hidayani, she found my diary, took it and read it. She even told me she understand how mess my life is).  They cant even touch it. Lol. But then, i found out few notes written by fadilah every each of diary which means dia curi curi baca diary aku since form 1! I did some room cleaning last few days and i found my 5 diaries in the cupboard. I reminisce every enjoyable moment while reading it, i felt so surreal that everything happened in 2012 was like just yesterday. I already finished my highschool. And all this 5 diaries contains my journey being a high-schooler and decision of writing it was a good one! Cant wait to show it to my future family like my father did to me 

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